New York XI

Slideluck XI took place on all three floors of the Chelsea Art Museum on Saturday, March 28, 2008. As one of of the VIP events on The Armory Show schedule, it brought a number of curators and collectors from around the world in addition to the New York arts community. The theme of the slideshow was “Patterns”, and the work was very strong and well-received. Bloomberg TV’s arts program “The Muse” had a crew there and did a nice piece about the show.

The production was by far the most complex and expensive to date and therefore only members were allowed entrance. This reduced the turnout a bit, but as most agreed, having a bit of space to move around wasn’t a bad thing. On the very same evening, Slideluck LA III was taking place, so we had the LA show streaming live in one of the galleries, and the participants in Los Angeles were able to watch the goings-on at the New York show (which was three-hours ahead).

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