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Slideluck X took place once again at the lovely Sandbox Studio in Soho, New York, on Saturday, November 18th, 2007. Approximately 1,200 people passed through the doors and an additional 300 were unable to enter because of capacity issues. The evening was infused with energy and enthusiasm as it was at the first show in New York in March. The theme of the slideshow was “Excess” and the collection of artists was among the best ever brought together at a Slideluck.

The event was generously sponsored by Nikon and there was a photo booth set up in one of the studios. The images can be seen in the Nikon photo booth gallery.

Two significant announcements were made at this show. Firstly, Slideluck was committed to making every attempt to go as “green” as possible from that point forward. At this event, we used biodegradable cups and silverware and recycled everything that we could.

Secondly, we introduced Slideluck Membership. There are numerous membership levels, beginning at $25 (Peep) and going up to $2500 (Baller) with various perks and distinctions associated with each. We encourage anyone who wants to support what we are doing to become a member today.

As a reminder, Sandbox Studio is a full-service rental studio. Please do not hesitate to contact them for your next project:

Sandbox Studio

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