New York VIII

On the evening of Saturday, November 18, 2006, scores of artists and arts-enthusiasts convened at Neo Studios in Manhattan for Slideluck VIII. The theme for this slideshow was “Energy”, which set the mood of the night. The potluck feast was probably the best and most diverse we’ve seen thus far, with plenty to eat and drink all night long.

For the first time we accepted multimedia presentations in our continued effort to provide a platform for cutting edge multimedia storytelling. The slideshow ran on two different floors to give as many a chance for viewing the work as possible. In Neo’s continued commitment to providing better service to the photo community, they combined Studios 1 and 2, making for a much larger space for the downstairs show.

Thanks to the help of our many volunteers, coordinators, and friends, Slideluck VIII went off very smoothly. We would like to especially recognize the contributions of our sponsors for this event:, Digitial Railroad, Picturehouse, Ponyboy Productions, New York Model Management, and DeFacto.

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