Dublin I

Kate Nolan and Mandy O’Neill hosted their first Slideluck at Moxie Studios in Dublin on 12th July 2012. The venue was also hosting the 3rd PhotoIreland Festival, and they were kind enough to share the space and provide the Slideluck team with a fabulous projector and screen. It was the perfect environment for the event and they are very grateful to festival director Angel Luis Gonzalez and the PhotoIreland team for their support. All would also have been lost without our own dedicated volunteers and Maria Teresa Salvati who really pulled the slideshow together.

Being one of the worst summers on record (even for Ireland!), there was a worry about the turnout in the torrential rain. As it happened there was no need to worry. The people came, brought marvelous food, and then headed to the bar for some ice cool beers courtesy of the Brooklyn Brewery! They also enjoyed cakes from the Traditional Polish Bakery, wine from The Cobblestone Bar, and music from Amo Kilfeather. The slideshow went down a treat and many people commented on how much they enjoyed the mode of presentation and the relaxed atmosphere. The selection by curators Louise Clements and Peggy Sue Amison really engaged the audience and got a great reaction. Two in the audience were then lucky enough to win a years subscription to Viewbook, which was a nice surprise! Afterwards it was off to Foleys Bar and dancing to the sounds of Richard Mixon, which was the perfect end to a spectacular night. Now to think about doing it all over again…

Dublin II,

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