Chicago I

Slideluck launched in Chicago, Illinois two days after the Detroit launch on Saturday, February 2, 2008. The event took place in the Madron Gallery, a beautiful space in Wicker Park that specializes in American Impressionist paintings – providing a lush backdrop for the evening. The team that put the show together (including Yen Shi Chin, Teri Boyd, Julie Harr, David Kelbaugh, Nicole Radja, Nick Azzaro, and Chris Johnson) was one of the best and most organized production teams we have seen and it was reflected in the event. It was perhaps the best turnout we have ever seen for a launch, with at least 300 people in attendance, with fantastic food and an even better slideshow. In a very bold move, they chose to show only the work of Chicago-based artists, and the work was as rich and diverse as anywhere on earth.

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