Baltimore II

Piper Watson hosted her first Slideluck in Baltimore’s gritty Station North Art and Entertainment District on February 24th, 2012. Area 405 graciously donated their event space for the Slideluck, while opening of Jonathan Rosser’s solo show “Apart”, which featured piercing portraits of America’s homeless, took place in their gallery. Project PLASE was on hand, accepting food and clothes donations for individuals in their homelessness rehabilitation program. The rainy afternoon gave way to an inspiring community gathering and a wildly successful potluck, complemented nicely by a diverse selection of Brooklyn Brewery ales and lagers. Afterwards, the slideshow guests grooved to the stompin’ tunes of Maryland’s own Delta Blues band, Swampcandy. Outside, people warmed up next to a small bonfire and watched blowtorch artist Walker Babbington as he created giant pyrotechnic drawings in the courtyard.

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